"Your drawings are excellent and show great detail. The individual specification sheet for each section of my kitchen cabinets are so handy and I can almost visualize exactly how they will look."
— Mary S.

How much does Quality Custom Cabinetry cost?
The cost of your cabinetry will be contingent on many factors. Size, finish, door style, and accessories will affect your pricing. Without an overall design we are unable to give an accurate estimate.

Is there a fee for designing kitchen or bath cabinetry?
We do charge a design retainer. It is in proportion to the amount of time spent developing professional drawings. The design work we provide is both highly creative and technical.

What finishes does Quality Custom Cabinetry offer?
QCC offers a wide variety of wood species, stains and paints. The company also offers custom match finishes. Many of these choices can be mixed and match to accommodate your personal taste.

Will my cabinetry come with a warranty?
Absolutely, Quality Custom Cabinetry offers a limited lifetime warranty. Contact our office for a copy of the entire warranty.

How do I get started?
Call us at 910-695-1121 for an appointment or click here for a kitchen questionnaire. The questions will assist you in your initial thought process.

Do you represent any other cabinetry manufacturers?
The only cabinetry company we represent is Quality Custom Cabinetry because their skills are perfectly consistent with our philosophy on how kitchen and other cabinetry play an essential roll in the function and aesthetics of your home.